I was raised in a Supernatural world.  All our lives we had spent listen-
   ing to Spirit Guides.  Now since that Preacher had prayed for me,  my
   Spirit Guides had not said a word to me.  I was in a vacuum.  Have
   you ever had a trial,  where you prayed and prayed and feel like you're
   not getting through?  Well this is the way I felt and nothing was coming
   through and I was in a vacuum.  And after 14 years of depending upon
   these spirits to tell me everything to do,  no body was telling me
   anything!  Because this preacher had taken authority over them and
   ordered them to be quiet.  As I was reading this booklet,  I had sense
   enough to know that something was trying to get to me,  something was
   trying to get through,  but none of my Spirit Guides would be giving me
   books on witchcraft that was telling me the Devil was behind it!

   So I threw the book away and was in a bigger state of confusion that I
   had ever been in and I walked back to where my apartment was in the
   Casino Building and it consists of several Night Clubs back there and
   I walked into one,  The Club Aquarius,  walked to the back of the Club
   and sat down in the office all alone by myself and tried to think things

   Now I spent several hours trying to think of a Christian Church that I
   could go to and ask questions of,  that we didn't own the Minister of.
   Now that may seem kind of strange to you,  but as an EX Grand Druid,
   it is not strange at all.

   Much that you see in Churches that you just think is LIBERALISM is

   I will go over that in simple terms.............!

   They have taken the MONEY and REJECTED The Lord!

   It is kind of hard for a minister who is not sold out to God to turn
   down 1/2 million Dollars if it is laid down as a bribe.

   They can get even higher!  In fact,  one Church that I know of got
   Eight Million Dollars in two years and another one got Ten Million
   Dollars in one year.  So they can receive the money...Anyway.....

   I didn't have a membership list with me so I didn't know who we owned
   and who we didn't and I was afraid to call the wrong Pastor because
   that could get me killed!  So I sat there thinking for a little bit and
   I remembered that the night before one of our witches that was a pros-
   titute in a downtown area,  had come screaming into the night club the
   night before,  about a coffee house called the Greengate Club.

   Strange place!  It used to be a Burlesque place about 3 months prior to
   that and this minister came in and preached an un-invited Revival.  The
   Revival took about 15 minutes and 20 some people got saved including the
   dancers,  the bartender, the band the people in the congregation and the
   husband and wife that owned the place.  So when they got saved they
   decided to turn it over to a Baptist Church that they were going to. That
   Baptist Church turned out to be the Baptist Church that was praying and
   fasting for me.

   Now don't confuse Jack Tator with the other Pastor.  He was from another
   Church.  He couldn't get his Church to pray and fast for witches since his
   Church thought he was 'Crazy'  when he said 'Witch',  so he called up
   Castle Hills which was well known for working in the Power of God!

   They asked for people to pray and fast and they got about 500 people to
   pray and fast over that weekend,  that I would get saved.  And I firmly
   believe that,  that,  had a lot to do with it.

   So,  she had told me about this place and she wanted us to burn it down,
   buy it out or something because it was ruining her business.  I mean,
   here is a prostitute,  propositioning a soldier,  and here is somebody
   over here preaching the Word of God to him!  It doesn't work!

   So she was very upset and uhhhh...I decided I would go look this place
   up,  so I walked on over by the bus station.  I went in,  it was about
   2:00 in the morning.  The place was supposed to close at midnight.

   I firmly believe to this day that God breaks Coke fountains!  Because
   when I came in there the manager had stayed late to fix the Coke Fountain
   that had broken down just as he was ready to close.  And as I walked in,
   he started witnessing to me and it was fine till about 45 minutes to an
   hour and then I brought up Witchcraft.  So in a White kind of Ghostly
   like face he called up the Pastor and said, 'I got this Witch down here'
   and the Pastor said, ' Well,  we have been praying and fasting that he
   would get there so go ahead and witness to him and we will just call
   everybody up and start praying'.  So they started praying and he started
   witnessing  more and started showing me things in the Bible and started
   praying for me.  Pretty soon he was praying and I was praying and The
   Lord SAVED ME!


   And I have NEVER Forgotten it!

   See,  I was born in a Witchcraft Family where I inherited everything my
   parents had.  In other words,  I inherited their Demons!  Or ones just
   like the ones they had,  so I was never FREE from the time the Doctor
   spanked me on bottom in the Delivery room,  until that night in 1972.

   You may have felt GREAT when you got Saved but I don't think that you
   felt as GREAT as I felt when I got SAVED!  We may argue that point,  but
   I don't..............

   But uhhh... for the 1st time I could think for myself without this HEAVY
   like Cotton in my head is about the only way you could describe it.  And
   my decision was that if they killed me going out of that place then I
   would die happy!  And I walked out,  not even thinking of any danger,
   and the next night I was thinking and saying that I would like to live
   long enough to enjoy this.  The reason for that is,  you do not leave
   witchcraft once you are initiated.  When you are in,  you are in!
   To prove this point,  there have been,  since my salvation, about 500
   people saved out of witchcraft,  and that is not very many when you know
   how many millions are in.  Fifty of them have been killed in five years!

   Our lives are in danger all the time,  my wife's and myself,  and all the
   people that have come out.  They start at $10,000 bounties and work up
   to several hundred thousand.  But it is not just witches.  I have a few
   contacts still back in the Illuminati that will do me favors every once
   in awhile.  They don't understand why I would want to be a Christian
   but they don't think I am all that bad.  But I had them run a computer
   check through one of the computers they have in New York that the occult
   owns to keep tabs on everybody.  I wanted to check out what Christian
   ministers I might know that had this same problem on them.  Bro. Barry's
   name came up.  They have $100,000.00 on that man's head!  Jack Chick of
   Chick Publications, Dr. Van Eppy,  uh...Joe Boyde,  Dan Hartry,  my
   pastor Ola Rasmussen and many others to go on and on.  They have felt
   such a danger to them that they have decided that they are better dead
   than alive,  and were willing to spend millions of dollars to make sure
   that it happens.  So it is a warfare!  And it goes on and it is getting
   worse and worse!  We had to pray much before we would come out to the
   East Coast.  Everybody said I was crazy when I moved to L.A to minister
   to the people out there.  They don't know the East Coast.  It has been
   an experience,  and we ask that you pray for us as we go around minister-
   ing.  My wife is usually with me on the road,  but she had to go back to
   Los Angeles on an emergency and we ask that you pray for her while she
   is on the road.

                        << End  Testimony >>

   I think that what I will do now,  is simply open it up for your questions
   and I hope I will have the answers.  If you have a Question,  just raise
   your hand.

   Question 1.

   Is there any Jewelry that is specific to Witchcraft?

   Answer 1.

   These are jewelry that was created by Demonic Instruction to very
   important people.
   Christians are astonished when I tell them that the Greatest Wizard that
   ever lived,  Mel Witch,  was Solomon!
   When he backslid,  he really backslid.  As great as his writings were in
   our Bible,  they were as great in the Witchcraft Bible.
   (There are two,  The Greater and The Lesser Keys of Solomon)
   The very Initiation rite.  How to prepare a witchcraft Bible.  How to
   conjure demons up,  everything.  Even how to commit Human Sacrifice are
   writings that he created.

   They mean things the Christian Church has no idea about.  Before I tell
   you what they mean,  I want to say this.  It was impossible to buy this
   Jewelry except for the Ankh,  outside of a witchcraft store up until a
   few years ago.

   They were handmade by silversmiths belonging to the Priesthoods and sold
   only to initiated witches in occult stores.

   Since then,  the Illuminati has decided that one of the greatest tricks
   that they could play on a Christian was to put this jewelry around their
   neck and on their hand!  The reason is......this stuff ATTRACTS DEMONS!
   They CLING AROUND where IT is at!

   Now if you are shocked to see the Star Of David up there that is because
   it has just recently been called the Star Of David!  For thousands of
   years it was called The Hexagram or The Crest Of Solomon.

   Now when a witch wants to practice witchcraft they will get into the
   Pentagram,  that is the Five Pointed Star in the Circle,  that is their
   strongest form of protection.  And then they will lay this Six Pointed
   Star,  the Hexagram, which means to Hex or to practice Black Magic or
   to put a spell on somebody,  they will put it in a circle on the
   floor and this will cause THE DEMON TO APPEAR,  at THEIR INSTRUCTION.


   I know I may not be getting through to you what I am trying to get
   through,  but it is DANGEROUS to have it!

   The Pentagram,  the Pinnacle,  with the one point up means WITCHCRAFT.

   Two Points up means DEMON WORSHIP or SATANISM!

   It is interesting to note that the Eastern Stars symbol is a Two Pointed
   Up,  Five Point Star.

   This symbolizes the Goat Head which Satanists believe is the represent-
   ative of the Devil.  They use the Goat Head to worship it like they are
   worshipping the Devil!

   The Ankh means that you despise Virginity,  believe in Fertility Rites,
   practice Fertility Rites, and WORSHIP the Sun God Ra!

   The Sun God Ra is the Egyptian name for LUCIFER!

   The Peace symbol up there is not the Peace symbol.  I didn't have to do
   the initiation that contained the 'Broken Cross',  because I was born
   into witchcraft and that wasn't necessary.  And people who have no
   Christian background do not have to do it.  But if a person raised in
   the Christian Church, wether they were Christian or not, wants to join
   witchcraft,  they must take a ceramic Cross,  turn it upside down,
   and break the crossbars down,  symbolizing their rejection of Calvary
   and the Christian Church.

   This is said to bring you PEACE of mind while you practice witchcraft.
   That is where it got the word Peace Symbol from.

   We have called it the Peace Symbol the last twenty years,  they called
   it the Broken Cross for several hundred.  Now which are you going to

   After that,  you have what is called the Unicorn Horn or the Italian
   Horn is what they are calling it now, so they can sell it.

   It means literally,  the translation of it is,  you TRUST the DEVIL for
   your FINANCE!

   If you DON'T TRUST the DEVIL for your FINANCE,  DON'T WEAR IT!
   I can guarantee you,  it has just the opposite reaction in a Christians

   The last symbol is the symbol that initiated Priests and Priestesses
   and Coven members wear to show that they have been initiated.

   Now Christians ask me.... What has this got to do with the Christian
   Church,  you know,  we don't have to worry about it!

   This morning we put a young man that we cast DEMONS out of,  a young man
   that got delivered from this and he had his initiation scar on his wrist.
   This man was a Counselor and member of Word Of Life Ministries!
   Word Of Life Christian Club Ministries.


   The young lady who took my place!  She grew up and was raised and was a
   member of Thomas Road Baptist Church,  Lynchburgh, Virginia,  Jerry
   Falwell's Church!

   Jerry doesn't know it,  but that is where she grew up and was raised,
   and now she sits on that Council of Thirteen.  So they are everywhere!

   Next Question:

   The TriLateral Commission,  I wonder if you might have some comments on


   I am sure you couldn't see the Pyramid,  but it was on the Pyramid.

   The TriLateral Council is the inner council of the CFR (Council of Foreign
   Relations) which is the American name for the Illuminati!  Every member
   who sits on the CFR or TriLateral Council is an initiated member of the
   Illuminati!  They are not there without full knowledge,  and they are
   hand picked by David Rockefeller,  the leader of the Illuminati in the
   United States.

   Next Question

   What about Seances in Churches?


   The United Methodist Church has accepted the Amiga Brotherhood.
   This is an organization started in Phoenix by United Methodist members
   who believe that Seances are Christian practice.  It is now accepted
   in the United Methodist Church.

   Next Question

   Would you briefly outline the steps remaining in the World Take-Over


   If the Pastor has no objection. (pastor states no objection)!

   The reason I ask this is because it can be pretty frightening and pretty
   unbelievable.  I like to leave that for the last question so they will
   believe everything I say before I say this.  They used to reject every-
   thing after that.  They are sitting around shocked.

   What remains is this.  They are in the process of trial and error right
   now and they test things.
   Last year they tested what it would be like to be without fuel to heat
   your homes.
   This year they are going to see if they can starve you.  Absolutely shut
   all the electricity off on the East Coast.

   Now the Book,  Atlas Shrugged,  ended with this........"When the lights
   of New York City go out for the last time we will have the WORLD".

   Now that meant this.  They are going,  towards the end,  cut the cities
   off completely!
   There will be a Teamsters strike.  Nothing will move for months!
   I mean Nothing will move!  These strikes will be more violent than the
   Coal Miners strike is right now.  The Coal Miners will strike again.

   They are in a process of destroying all stored food and farmland so that
   we will be without any food in the cities or in the country or anywhere
   except what is in Federal Storehouse.

   They will strike so that no planes will fly.  The Air Controllers will
   strike and nothing will fly over the skies of the United States except
   military flights.

   The Longshoremen will strike and nothing will come off the boats and the
   train Engineers will strike and nothing will move,  in other words,
   NOTHING is going to move at all!

   Now if you live in a large city,  how are you going to get your food if
   they don't bring it in to you.  Everything will be paralyzed,  NOTHING

   At the same time we will be in RIOT and REVOLUTION within the United
   States.  In fact the whole world will be in it.  It seems strange and
   Christians can not grasp that a Mass Murderer like Charles Manson will
   ever be released from prison.  You should have heard the vote when he was
   up for release(parole) a month ago.  He was kept there by TWO Votes!

   Two Votes kept him from leaving prison.  Now they didn't want him out and
   let me explain something.....He didn't go there because the jury found
   him guilty!  They could not have sent him to prison if the Illuminati
   did not want him to go!  He went there for a reason,  and we have talked
   to prison officials across the United States and people belonging to
   motor cycle clubs and so on,  and we have received the same answer,

   There is a MASS ARMY within EVERY PRISON from COAST to COAST!  They have
   been promised weapons.  Military Weapons!

   To verify this the U.S Army and the Marine Corps has stated that in the
   last five years they have lost half of their small arms weapon to theft
   in the United States.  That includes Hand Held,  ground to air,  heat
   seeking missiles that can take a DC-10 out of the sky at 40,000 ft.

   One of the largest storehouses is in Baltimore and the second largest is
   in Philadelphia for these weapons.  So they are very close to you.

   He has been gathering an army outside of prison that amounts to over
   100,000 professionally trained military people.  They have been hiring
   ex Green Berets,  Rangers and Navy Seals to train them in, Uhhh Camp
   #1 is in War,  West Virginia,  to give you an example,  to train them
   in Special Forces Tactics.  Every one of them is as trained as a Green
   Beret is and that is very well trained!

   Manson will either be released next year or the following year,  they
   have not decided yet.  I will say this.....the one thing that will hold
   their plan up is if they don't get their Gun Laws PASSED!  These people
   refuse to go out and cause HAVOC if people are going to be shooting
   back at them.  So they have been promised that ALL the GUNS will be
   CONFISCATED before they start their move.

   Now they have been promised that they will get this Country!

   What they don't know is that THEY HAVE BEEN SET UP!

   They have been set up just so they will kill a certain amount of people.
   The figure at the present is that in the first year ONE MILLION people
   will be BUTCHERED!!  I use that term because that is about how to describe
   what will happen.  And I will leave it to your imagination and to your
   prayer life as to who is scheduled to be killed.


   This is just so they can get the National Guard called out.  They recently
   passed a law that gives the President the right to suspend the Constit-
   ution and Congress and call Martial Law and call out the Military.  Now
   that would seem too harsh to us right now,  but what happens when
   millions of people are getting shot at and killed?  Then they will be
   calling for it to happen!

   That is some of the stuff that is coming about.

   Some of it is legislation that is being passed right now.  House bill 41
   went through the House and is before the Senate now!  It gives,  if it
   is passed,  it will poll much of the Federal Tax Deduction status of
   many Christian Churches.  And the ones that keep it,  the people that
   give to them,  their names will be printed with their addresses,  their
   phone numbers and their work addresses of every giver in every Post
   Office in the United States!  It is called House Bill 41.  This will
   give those RADICALS your dwelling address and where you work so they can
   come look you up!

   Another one was the Martial Law Act that has been passed!
   Another one is Anti-Hording Act. It is,...the one thing they fear,....
   see the whole thing is if you can be independent of Federal help, their
   plan won't work!  You MUST be DEPENDENT upon the Government for every
   bite of food,  every light bulb in your house and every warmth that you
   feel coming through your home,  you MUST be DEPENDENT upon THEM!

   Now the Anti-Hording Act forbids you to store over one months food
   supply,  to store medical supplies or fuel supplies over a month at a
   time.  There is a reason for it,  THEIR REASON!!!!!

   The last one is called the Genocide Act.  Some of you may have heard of
   it.  They defeated it eight years ago,  but now it looks like it is
   going to get passed.  It is before the Senate now!
   It can put you in Federal Prison for converting somebody from the faith
   that they were born into by their parents.  In other words,  if you con-
   vert a Catholic,  a Jew, or a witch,  and their parents press charges, you
   can go to Federal Penitentiary for it!  Ok?  And it is getting ready to
   pass right now!