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FROM the operations of Jupiter they made, for prolongation of life, an image in the hour of Jupiter, Jupiter being in his exaltation fortunately ascending, in a clear and white stone; whose figure was a man crowned

p. 161

clothed with garments of a saffron colour, riding upon an eagle or dragon, having in his right hand a dart, about, as it were, to strike it into the head of the same eagle or dragon. They made, also, another image of Jupiter, at the same convenient season, in a white and clear stone, especially in crystal; and it was a naked man crowned, having both his hands joined together and lifted up, as it were, deprecating something sitting in a four-footed chair, which is carried by four winged boys; and they affirm that this image increases felicity, riches, honours, and confers benevolence and prosperity, and frees from enemies. They made, also, another image of Jupiter, for a religious and glorious life, and advancement of fortune; whose figure was a man having the head of a lion or a ram, and eagle's feet, and clothed in saffron coloured clothes.

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