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Submitted by Ann P 11-07-06

The recent news that a spokesman for George Bush explained that C.I.A

trained remote viewers could not find the location of Saddham Husssein,

because he moved around so much, is a fudge.

Because a freelance psychic did in fact pinpoint where he was and even drew a whole in the ground in the right location, but the U.S refused to pay the promised reward.

Saddham Hussein’s astrologer Ali Mohammed had long warned on record that the U S administration would turn on Saddham, although his dating was a bit out.

The U.S. which had put Saddham in place, funded him armed, him and bribed him to fight an 8 year war with Iran, because Israel was worried that Iran was too powerful,

on the promise that Kuwait would be returned to Iraq,

after previously being annexed by the British,

We engineered this fiasco to have the excuse we needed to remove him,

So we could take the oil and Israel the land.

Every U S President since W.W.II has had an astrologer, with differing degrees of expertise, none has matched the ability of Ali Mohammed, who was continually monitored and feared for his advice by the U.S.

General Stubblebine was the U.S army chief in charge of the Psy-warriors,

The all American home trained psychics, for use in the coming psy-wars.

But it was the British under 33rd degree mason, druid and black magic practitioner

Winston Churchill in W.W.II that the element of psychic warfare really came in,

He even had forged Nostradamus pamphlets dropped on to German cities,

His assembly of top psychics called the “black team” was headed by Louis De Whol,

And contained mediums, astrologers, astral projectors and a society palmist.

Tony Blair recently to cover his yellow back had reams of these vital documents going back to W.W.II, shredded, but there still exists the Legacy collection containing

The designation ATI and TIP, these are in the main captured documents,

Describing British magical and astrological work from W.W.II

And are manually card indexed solely to keep them off the computers.

The British destroyed so much historically relevant information,

but through W.W.II up until the early sixties, our intelligence services had whole departments working for the Russians, and this is a great source of information.

We will have to see whether astrologer Ali Hussein is right about George Bush being murdered by his own people, and the Israel nuclear attack on America in 2010,

although he has described the Americans as;

cheese eating surrender monkeys”

T Stokes lecture in paranormal studies